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I am thrilled to be teaching two classes at Hart's Fabric in September! I used to work at Hart's (a very long time ago) and it has never stopped feeling like home. It is such an incredible space for creativity and has one of the best fabric selections I have ever seen. If you are in the area I would LOVE to sew with you. You can sign up for classes on Hart's website (links to classes below)

the Grace Top // September 20th, 2017 // 6-9 PM // $40

The first will be a beginner class, perfect for anyone hoping to learn more about sewing with knits. We will be making the Grace Top. It will be fun and easy. Get all the details and reserve your spot here.

the Joni Jumpsuit // September 21st, 2017 // 6-9 PM //  $50

The Joni Jumpsuit is perfect for experienced sewists and confident beginners! Make yourself a super cool Joni Jumpsuit and expand your skills when it comes to sewing with knit fabrics. Get all the details and reserve your spot here

Pattern Hack: The Square Neck Top // Woven Fabric

The Square Neck Top is an easy to sew box top, designed for knit fabrics. The number one question we get is "Do you think I could make it out of a woven fabric?". Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm here to tell you, YES! Yes, you can make the Square Neck Top from a woven fabric, and it looks fantastic to boot. 

This Square Neck Top is made it from a nice linen blend with a little drape, and a whole lotta wrinkle. On this version I decided to topstitch the facing down instead of hand tacking it. I like the added character that it gives.

Square Neck Top Sewing Pattern Linen 1

The only pattern modification that I did was to drop the armpit 1". You may or may not want to do this. I personally cannot stand tops that are tight or bunchy in my armpits, but it's up to you. To drop the armpit:

  • Cut and pin your pattern pieces on your fabric as usual
  • Once you have your pieces pinned, using some tailors chalk (or a different marking tool) measure 1" down from where the armpit ends, mark it.
  • Using a french curve, round the edge so that it meets up with the sideseam of your top (if you don't have a french curve you can kind of eyeball it, its a pretty forgiving underarm)
  • Repeat on front and back pieces!
french curve

And that's it! Super easy! I love my woven Square Neck Top... almost more than I love the knit version... almost. 

Square Neck Top Sewing Pattern Linen
Square Neck Top
Frank Miller the Wonder Dog

Bonus shot of my studio assistant / professional derp-face, Frank. :P