This sweet little backpack is as easy to make as it is cute. All you need is a few supplies and some basic sewing skills. You'll make your pattern pieces based on the measurements supplied below. 


• 1 Yard fabric

• 1/2 Yard lining fabric

• 2 - 1” D-rings

• 1/4 Yard  lightweight interfacing

• Matching thread

• Marking tool (i.e. chalk, disappearing ink pen)


• BODY: 17 x 15.5 (Cut 2 main  fabric, cut 2 lining)

• STRAPS: 6 x 30 (Cut 2 main  fabric)

• UPPER STRAP: 3 x 8 (Cut 1 main  fabric)

• FASTENER STRAP: 3 x 14 (Cut 1 main  fabric)

• FLAP: See template (Cut 2 main  fabric, cut 2 interfacing)


* Seam allowance is 5/8" and is already included in pattern pieces, unless otherwise specified.


1. Cut out all of your pieces + lining and interfacing (see PATTERN DIMENSIONS for instructions on what fabric(s) to cut each piece out of)

2. Fold the Upper Strap, Fastener Strap, and both Straps in half lengthwise and press. Stitch down the length of each piece making them into tubes.

3. Turn pieces inside out and press.

4. Turn raw edge under on one edge of the Fastener Strap, stitch across. 

5. MARK THE PLACEMENT FOR THE FASTENER STRAP: make a mark on the center of one of your main body pieces. Measure 5" straight up and make another mark. 

6. Using the marks you made, pin the Fastener Strap to the Body, matching up the raw edges of the strap and body pieces. 

7. Topstitch the Fastener Strap to Body ¼” from edge starting at the bottom, stitch 5” up, turn, stitch across, turn, and stitch ¼” from the edge all the way back down to base, securing the Lower Fastener Strap in place.

8. TRAPENTO STITCHING ON STRAPS (optional): stitch ½” from edge on strap, stitch ½” from opposite edge, stitch a 3rd time down the middle of the strap. Repeat on second strap.

9. ATTACH STRAPS TO BACK BODY PIECE: make a chalk line straight across 7" up from the bottom. Pin straps facing downward, matching raw edge with the chalk line you made, stitch across each strap. Trim away excess, flip straps upward and stitch across again, encasing the raw edges (see image below).

10. PIN STRAPS TO TOP OF BACK PIECE: the straps will be pinned at the top of the body piece. At this point you can adjust the length of the straps to what feels most comfortable for you! You can also chose how far apart (or close together) you want the straps. Just make sure they are centered! Once you have your length and placement set up, stitch across the straps at the top to hold them in place.

11. ASSEMBLE THE FLAP: (You can download the flap template here)Fold the Upper Strap in half looping in your 2 D-rings. Stitch across your folded strap to secure D-rings in place.  

12. Fuse interfacing onto Flap piece. Mark the center of your flap and pin the raw edge of your folded upper strap in place, stitch across. Pin front and back flaps, right sides together, sandwiching your Upper Strap with D-rings, stitch together leaving the straight edge open.

13. Trip away excess seam allowance and turn your Flap right side out, press. 

14. Mark the center of your back piece, and the center of your flap. Match these up and pin your flap to your back piece above where you secured your straps. Stitch across. 

11. Pin the front and back Body Pieces, right sides together, and stitch together on 3 sides, leaving the top open. Be careful not to catch the Straps, flap, or Lower Fastener Strap.

12. CREATE BOXED CORNERS: with your backpack still inside out, mark and cut away 2" squares from the lower left and right corners. 

13.  Pull apart the layers of the bag at the cut corner matching the edges so that you have a straight diagonal line. Stitch across. Stitch across a second time for added strength. Repeat on both sides. 

14. Stitch your front and back lining pieces together. Repeat steps 12-13. 

15. With right sides together put your outer backpack inside your lining and pin together matching up raw edges around the rim. 

16. Stitch around rim leaving a 4-5" opening. Pull out the body of your backpack and turn it right side out, stuff the lining back inside. Hand stitch the opening shut. 

17. AND THAT'S IT! Now just fill your backpack with goodies and take off on an adventure!!!!