Pattern Hack: The Lucida Maxi

The Lucida Dress pattern is a really simple pattern designed to be an everyday dress. But with a few simple changes, it can easily be transformed into something more formal and elegant. Meet the Lucida Maxi! Adding a gathered panel to the hem of the Lucida Dress is super easy. Here's how you do it:

the lucida maxi dress

1. Make your Lucida Dress following the directions in the pattern and stopping before you hem your dress.

2. Try your dress on and decide how long you want it to be. It would look amazing as a midi or a maxi (or even short with just a small ruffle at the bottom). Measure the added length you'll need. Add a seam allowance at the top and an inch for a hem. This will be the width of your panel.

3. Measure the opening around the hem of your finished skirt. Multiply the number x 1.5 (this will give you a gathered panel that isn't too full). Example: if your opening is 60" your length will be 90". 

the lucida dress sewing pattern

4. Cut your panel to your width (found in step 2) and length (found in step 3). You may need to cut two pieces and then sew them together into one piece. Sew your panel, right sides together, into a loop.

5. Now we are going to gather this piece until it matches the size of your hem opening. 

gather your skirt
  • Increase your stitch length to the max your machine allows
  • Sew a straight stitch ½” from the edge
  • Starting in the same spot, sew another straight line about ¼” from your first row of stitches (they should be parallel). 
  • Now, grab the top threads and pull them gently. Your fabric should start to gather.
  • Keep pulling until your piece matches the width of your hem opening.
  • Run your hands over the gathers to distribute them evenly. 
  • Knot your threads and trim away any super long pieces

6. Pin your gathered panel, right sides together, to your hem opening. Stitch all the way around.

7. Hem your skirt! Or leave it raw! Do whatever feels right, that is why knits are so fun and easy.