DIY Denim Shorts


MATERIALS: All you need is an old pair of jeans and some bias tape! 

1. CUT your pants to your desired length. I find my ideal shorts length by standing up straight with my hand by my side, about halfway down my middle finger is where I want my shorts to hit. It may be different for you! I would recommend airing on the side of too long (you can always shorten them later!).

2. ROUND the edges. Starting about 1.5" up from your side seam, round the edge of your cut. 

shorts tutorial

3. PIN bias tape around edge of shorts. Repeat on both legs. 

shorts tutorial 2

4. STITCH your bias tape in place 1/8" from the edge. Make sure you're catching the tape on the underside. Repeat on other leg. Press. Trim away loose threads.

denim shorts tutorial

5. CUT a 2" strip of your tape. Press it open (edges still folded under). Fold over 1/2" on either side, press the corners in so that you can't see them and pin in place on your shorts (see image below). Repeat on other side.

diy shorts

6. STITCH your little piece of bias tape in place, enclosing the raw edges of the bias tape you sewed around the hem. Press. Trim away excess threads.

shorts binding

7. STRUT around in your super cute new shorts! Head outside for maximum enjoyment!

diy denim shorts