DIY Cover-Up/Kimono/Cute Thing

I was recently shopping at a prominent RTW store that I love but that some times charges WAY too much for things you could definitely sew yourself, we'll call it Shmanthropologie. Anyway, I knew instantly that this stunning layer was necessity for my summertime/travel wardrobe and would pair perfectly with the #vernazzatwopiece, but it cost like $140! 

diy kimono - friday pattern company.jpg

It is super easy to make and is also a zero-waste project. I have been trying to bring more mindfulness to how much waste that I create and this is a certified super easy-guilt free-satisfying-wonderful project!

diy kimono - friday pattern company.jpg

Here is what you need:

1 1/3 yards of a drapey fabric that is at least 54" wide.

You're going to want to choose something that looks reasonably good on both sides since you will be able to glimpse the wrong side of the fabric while you're wearing it. For this tutorial we are using a gauzy floral that I picked up at a craft chain, we'll call it ShmoAnn's. This would be fabulous in a silk, or a rayon challis, a cotton-y lace, or even a jersey knit! It's actually a perfect project for a lot of the types of fabrics that I find myself drooling over but have to ask myself, what the heck am I going to make with something this drapey and delicate!!! 


Alrighty, let's get started:

diy kimono - friday pattern company-1.jpg
  1. Your fabric is a large rectangle and you are going to finish the raw edges of your rectangle. I used a rolled hem foot to create a low profile look. You can finish these edges however you want but keep in mind the edges will be visible on the final product. 
  2. Folding your fabric in half lengthwise, right sides together, with your selvedges touching. On both ends of your fabric, pin and/or mark 15" in from the end along your selvedge. Stitch from selvedge to mark, backstitching at the beginning and end of your seam. Repeat on the other side of your cover-up. 
  3. You're basically done! You could add decorative trim here. Or maybe some applique? This cover-up would look fabulous with pom-poms around the opening. 

And that is it! Wear this baby to the beach, or pair it with a dress for a free spirited bohemian look!

p.s. Here is a shot of said kimono from Shmanthropologie...