DIY Holiday Gift : Tasseled Blanket

diy tassel blanket

Full disclosure, this is so easy that it is hardly a tutorial. It is, however, a cute gift that I'm sure someone in your life will be thrilled to receive. The trickiest part is finding the right fabric, but that is a fun problem, right?

Time: 2-4 hours (depending on how fast your tassel game is)

Level: Super easy!


  • 60-72" of a blanket fabric. You are going to want a wide fabric (54" or wider) unless you are making a small blanket. I found this gorgeous woven polyester blend fabric that already looks a lot like a blanket. The most important thing is that your fabric needs to look good on both sides. Other possible fabrics: wovens for jackets, fleece, sherpa, soft slightly drapey upholstery fabric.
  • A ball of yarn
  • Pearl cotton or embroidery floss
  • A scrap of cardboard cut to 3"x4"
  • A hand sewing needle (with a larger eye, like an embroidery needle)

1. To start it off we are just going to finish the raw edge on the top and bottom of your blanket fabric. Do this by turning them under twice, pressing, pinning, and stitching. You can also finish these edges by binding them with bias tape. 

diy tassel blanket tutorial.jpg

2. If the selvedge (sides) of your blanket fabric are funky, you will need to finish them as well. Do this in the same manner that you finished your top and bottom. 

diy tassel blanket.jpg

3. Now it's time to figure out how many tassels you need to make. Measure how wide your fabric is and decide how many tassels you want. My fabric is 60" wide and I did 11 tassels across, spaced 6" apart.

4. Time to get started on the tassels! 

  • Wrap your yarn around your cardboard (on the longer side) 10 times. 
  • Cut your yarn off and slide your yarn loops off your cardboard.
  • Cut a 6-7" piece of your pearl cotton (or embroidery floss). Tie around the top of your yarn loops (on the side that does not have the cut off ends). Tie it tight, leaving a long tail on one side (you'll use this to sew the tassel to the blanket later. Double or triple knot to make sure its secure. 
  •  Cut a 4-5" piece of your pearl cotton (or embroidery floss). Tie it about an inch below the top of your tassel. Loop it around a few times and tie it tight enough that your yarns won't slide around. Double or triple knot it and trim away excess threads.
  • Cut the loops at the bottom of your tassel. Straighten up the bottom edge if that makes you happy!
  •  Make however many tassels you're going to need for your blanket! Pro tip: It's faster if you make these babies assembly line-style. 

5. Mark where your tassels will be (I used pins). 

6. Thread a needle with the long thread that you left hanging from the top of your tassel. Sew it to the edge of your blanket. Repeat with the remainder of your tassels.