DIY Plant Bucket

We. Love. Houseplants. and we know we're not alone in this, a quick search of #houseplants, #jungalowstyle, or #crazyplantlady will bring up hundreds of thousands of plant lovers. Houseplants make a space feel alive, staring at them is quite meditative, and they are darn cute. Anyway, here is a simple tutorial for making a cozy bucket for your plant friends. 

These cozy plant buckets are perfect for plants of any size! You can add eyelets and convert them to hanging buckets. You could even put something besides plants in them if you want. They are not waterproof, so leave your plants in their plastic liner and take them out to be watered. We hope you enjoy this tutorial! If you share a picture of your plant bucket please tag @fridaypatterncompany and use #diyplantbucket. We love seeing your makes and looking at pictures of plants!


  • Fabric for body of bucket
  • Mid-weight fusible interfacing (go heavier if you want a more stiff look)
  • Fabric for the bucket lining
  • A cute plant in need of a bucket home


  • To figure out how big you will need to cut your pieces:
    • Measure around top of your planter, add 2". That measurement will be your length. Measure height of planter, add 3" (add more if you want your fold over cuff to be longer). That measurement will be your width. Cut this size from your lining, interfacing, and main fabric.
    • Place your planter on a piece of paper. Trace the top of your planter. Do this by angling your pencil straight down from the widest part of your planter and slowly tracing the shape. Add 1/2" allowance around the edge of the circle you drew. This will be the template for the base of your bucket. Cut 2 out of your main fabric and interfacing. 
  • Fuse your interfacing onto the wrong side of your main fabric piece and one of your base pieces.


1. Fold lining fabric piece in half, right sides together so that the two shortest sides meet. Stitch 1/2" from edge. Repeat on main fabric piece.

2. Press seam allowance open on both pieces. Turn lining piece right side out and slide it inside the main fabric piece, so that right sides are together. Pin. Stitch around top, 1/2" from edge.

Flip main fabric right side out. You should have a tube!

5 plant bucket sew top.jpg

3. Turn tube so that lining is facing out. Pin base piece to raw edge of your tube. Stitch 1/2" from edge. 

6 plant bucket pin bottom.jpg

4. Finish that raw seam (or don't, no judgement here!). Flip it right side out and turn cuff down. YOU'VE GOT YOURSELF A PLANT BUCKET!