If you want to see Friday Pattern Company at your local sew shop or fabric store, drop us a line here.  We are proud to be carried at the following stores:


Hart's Fabric // Santa Cruz, CA

The Fabric Worm // Paso Robles, CA

Stone Mountain & Daughter Fabrics // Berkeley, CA

Sew Shop Sacramento // Sacramento, CA

Sew Hip // Tuscon, AZ

Stitch Sew Shop // Alexandria, VA

Bolt Fabric Boutique // Portland, OR

Modern Domestic // Portland, OR

Gather Here // Cambridge, MA

Fabricate // Boulder, CO

Fancy Tiger Crafts // Denver, CO

Topstitch Studio // Atlanta, GA

Evanston Stitchworks // Evanston, IL

Oak Fabrics // Chicago, IL

Firecracker Fabrics // Pittsburgh, PA




Indie Stitches // Australia


Fabrications // Ottawa


Fagert.se // Alingsås


Backstitch // Cambridge

The Eternal Maker // West Sussex

Online Only

Bobbie Lou Fabrics (US)

Fabric Godmother (UK)

Hawthorne Supply Co (US)

Imagine Gnats (US)

Sewing Studio (US)

Stitch Craft (US)

Stylemaker Fabrics (US)

The Foldline (UK)

Sew Essential (UK)

Funky Friday Fabrics (UK)

Minerva Crafts (UK)